Our Management Committee

Community kindergartens are autonomous bodies, and the annually elected committee is responsible for the effective management of this valuable community resource.  C and K supports committees in their management responsibilities.

The Management Committee is formed of parents and sometimes community members.  Elections take place at the Annual General Meeting in February each year.  Parents are encouraged to attend even if they do not wish to take on a formal position on the Committee but to learn more about the running of the centre.  Members of the committee attend monthly meetings with staff, to make decisions on all managerial aspects of the centre.  The President, Treasurer and Director present monthly reports to the meeting for discussion and consideration.

Descriptions of committee positions are available for your perusal.  Several different management manuals covering all aspects of our operation are published by C&K and kept at the centre, and are a valuable resource for the Management Committee.

Please be aware that committee members are doing their jobs voluntary and the kindergarten cannot function without their efforts.  The management committee and staff are willing to listen to any concerns, ideas or suggestions of ways to improve the centre.  Please see a committee member or Director to arrange a time which is convenient OR  come along to a committee meeting.

Like many community organisations the support of all members is necessary for the optimum functioning of the organisation, so please consider in which way you wish to help the preschool/ kindergarten.  Your child will be the one to benefit most.

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