Our Philosophy

We welcome you to be an active part of our community and invite you to contribute to the journey of our centre.

Our starting point is the child. Educators are responsive to the strengths and interests of the children and we believe that these maximise investigations, intentional teaching moments and problem solving. Literacy and numeracy learning is woven through daily experiences. Our practice is collaboratively co-constructed with the teachers, children, parents and the community, with a focus on developing meaningful understandings. Our program honours the voice of parents, children and educator’s through an intentional, collaborative approach to further learning.

Our environment is the foundation of learning. It is enriched with nature, which provides natural learning experiences and opportunities to develop sustainable practices. From the inside to the outside the environment is beautiful, flexible and enriched in natural resources. We adapt the environment in response to the strengths and interests of the children.

We are an inclusive community. We embrace diversity of every kind. The traditions of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people flow through our practice. Community connections support our practice.

Each child’s journey is observed and assessed through shared conversation, written documentation and critical reflection. Educators promote agency and children are seen holistically with transition needs supported. As staff we nurture each other’s development led by ongoing reflection and critical analysis.

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